Wansbeck Primary School Staff

At Wansbeck Primary School our staff go above and beyond to provide the best possible education for the children that we serve.

At HCAT our moto is ‘children first’ and we place the children’s best interests at the heart of every decision that we make.

Everyone who works at Wansbeck, whatever their job, is here to contribute to an excellent education for our children.

Senior Leadership Team Roles
Sam Bullen Executive Headteacher

Teaching and Learning lead

Provisions and SEND lead

Victoria Hird Deputy Headteacher


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Senior Mental Health Lead

Provision lead

ECT Induction Tutor and mentor

Attendance Lead

Lilly Chapman Assistant Headteacher

Writing Lead

Curriculum and Assessment Lead

Year 5 Teacher

Ben Walker  Wizards and Behaviour Lead

Evolve Coordinator

LAC Coordinator

Lucy Withill  Personal Development Lead

Year 4 Teacher

Phase Teachers Achievement Support Assistants
Foundation Stage Sarah Sharkett

Kelly Robson

Vanessa Peers

Vicky Pickering

Rebecca Young

Rebecca Owen

Amrit Kaur

Jodie Young

1/2 Georgia Smith 

Abigail King 

Sally Brockwell

Helen Owens

Samantha Fuller 

3/4 Lucy Withill

Harry Hawker

Ellie Wood

Emma Schofield

Julie Wilson

Brenda Iveson 

Debra Rason

5/6 Rachel Clixby

Lilly Chapman 

Isobel Kay

Isobel Kitchman

Lorraine Kelly

Sarah Livingston 

Cover teachers Vanessa Peers

Brenda Iveson

Maternity Amy Hill

Samantha Gill 

Provisions and Resource Base Staff Column 2
The Burrows  Robert Brown

Lyndsey Scott

Michelle Mitchell

Tazmin Hill

Charlotte Sanderson

The Arc Emma West

Emma Clark

Rebecca Hoyes

Abbie Vickerton

The Wizards Ben Walker

Julie Spencer

Beverly Halliday

Lauren Corner

Emotional and Wellbeing Team
Debra Leedham
Lorraine Kelly
Administration and Site Team Roles
Claire Atkin Office Manager
Kirsten Brewster Admin Assistant
Anthony Colley Site Supervisor
Lunchtime and Breakfast Club Team (supported by the Achievement Support Team)
Gillian Horrocks (Chef)
Christine Broadley 
Lyndsey Anderson
Kerry Ladley
Anna Korcz

“Really happy with the way my child has developed whilst attending Wansbeck”

Parent's comments

“Spelling errors
are also routinely identified in pupils’ written work across a range of subjects. This
helps pupils to avoid future repetitions.”

Ofsted comments

“The school have created a strong leadership team by making good use of opportunities you have to collaborate with other trust schools.”

Ofsted comments

“The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.”

Ofsted comments

“My children are happy at school and have many opportunities to develop their learning.”

Parent's comments

“Care is taken to ensure that the topics that are chosen attract the interests of the children.”

Ofsted comments

“The school receives good support from the Hull Collaborative Academy
Trust, and trust leaders also provide you with effective challenge.”

Ofsted comments

“Pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum. You have a clear vision for what you want pupils to achieve; developing pupils socially, emotionally and
academically is at the centre of the curriculum you provide.”

Ofsted comments

“The quality of pupils’ handwriting has also improved, particularly in key stage 2.”

Ofsted comments

“There is a
consistent approach to the teaching of phonics. Regular checks help teachers to
group pupils effectively so that activities are well matched to pupils’ needs.”

Ofsted comments

“This improvement is underlined by published data showing that pupils’ spelling and grammar scores are now above the national average at the end of key stage 2.”

Ofsted comments

“The school is passionate about the community it serves and determined
to help pupils to be the best they can be.”

Ofsted comments

“Great school with fantastic teachers.”

Parent's comments

“You pay
particular attention to safeguarding issues that affect your local community and prepare staff well to support pupils.”

Ofsted comments

“The designated safeguarding leader is tenacious in her approach and
leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure that pupils receive the best possible

Ofsted comments

“Pupils often have
opportunities to visit places of interest, such as the residential visit to Whitby that is linked to a class topic.”

Ofsted comments

“My children are very happy at school and should I ever have any concerns, the school are happy to deal with it.”

Parent's comments

“Wansbeck is an amazing primary school that puts my children’s needs first. Great staff and friendly pupils.”

Parent's comments

“All my children have loved this school and all great memories of staff. Wansbeck is great.”

Parent's comments

“Best decision I made for my children’s education was moving them to Wansbeck. The progress the children have made is amazing. Very happy mum.”

Parent's comments

“Central to the work of the school is the development of pupils’ social skills and the support of their well-being.”

Ofsted comments

“Thanks for all the help & extra support that my child receives. It means that I know he is getting all the help he needs to progress to his potential.”

Parent's comments

“Brilliant school.”

Parent's comments

“Any issues raised are always dealt with, absolutely no concerns brilliant school and lovely caring staff. My child learns a lot attending this school. Thank you.”

Parent's comments

“My two children have come on leaps and bounds regarding reading, writing and maths. The teachers are amazing.”

Parent's comments

“The school leadership team are committed to helping pupils to succeed”

Ofsted comments

“My child is always happy and loves going to school. Teachers are always there when needed.”

Parent's comments

“My child is well cared at school she loves it!”

Parent's comments

“Teachers make regular checks on the progress
that pupils make and use this information to adjust the activities that they plan.”

Ofsted comments

“Pupils’ safety and well-being are central to your work. The leadership team has
ensured that all safeguarding requirements are fit for purpose.”

Ofsted comments

“Grammatical errors are discussed with pupils, and this helps them to improve their writing.”

Ofsted comments

“Wansbeck Primary School is a happy, well-organised school that is at the heart of the local community.”

Ofsted comments

“Staff and governors
maintain an acute focus on these areas and establish excellent relationships with

Ofsted comments

“Teaching assistants provide effective support for pupils, prompting them to explain their answers and
providing them with the confidence to ‘have a go’.”

Ofsted comments

“The school has good systems in place to develop the leadership skills of staff.”

Ofsted comments

“Very happy with school. Feel really assured with the help we have had from SENCO with the assessment for my child regarding possible autism and ADHD. More than happy with teachers and support staff.”

Parent's comments

“Teachers accurately demonstrate to pupils the sounds that letters make. This
helps pupils to repeat the sounds they are learning.”

Ofsted comments

“My child really enjoys attending school he tells me he loves his teachers and friends.”

Parent's comments

“This has enabled
the school to continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning for pupils.”

Ofsted comments