Inclusion is at the heart of our school community.

Our school prides itself on meeting the needs of all learners despite a child’s individual barriers.

This stems from our vision and values in placing emotional and social development in the heart of learning within the school community ensuring children are ready to face the challenges and succeed in life beyond primary school.

Bespoke SEND Provision at Wansbeck

At Wansbeck we have a growing SEN population meaning we have to regularly reflect on how we provide the best opportunities for children with a wide range of individual needs.

We recognize that for many reasons for some children a mainstream classroom is a barrier to children’s progress and wellbeing.

Due to this we have created bespoke internal provisions that better meet some children’s individual needs whilst ensuring this children remain part of our ‘Wansbeck family’.

Our Burrow classrooms are part of our whole school SEN approach and commitment to provide bespoke provision for children who have high social communication needs, barriers to learning and emotional well-being difficulties.

The Burrows

The Burrows caters for children who have a range of complex needs from Key Stage 2 where a small, bespoke environment meets their individual needs.

Speech language and communication are at the forefront of the provision.

The development of emotional, social and life skills are key drivers to support children in emotional resilience and regulation for life beyond primary school.

Resource base at Wansbeck

Wansbeck has been identified through trust reviews and visits as having specific expertise in supporting other trust schools with the needs of children with social, emotional and mental health identified needs.

Due to this the school is home to one of the trusts behavior support provisions
– ‘The Wansbeck Wizards.’

The ‘Wizards’ takes children who are recommended through a HCAT panel decision for short term placements to address SEMH needs.

This provision is highly structured with a main aim of intervention to prevent children being excluded from a mainstream setting. It focuses on development of emotional regulation and social skills, which are often the key areas the children have as a barrier to learning.

The highly bespoke curriculum considers each child’s bespoke academic needs alongside their individual targets which are often based around SEMH. The Wizards also offers an outreach arm to support HCAT schools in creating capacity and expertise in schools to support children with SEMH

ASD base

The ASD base at Wansbeck aims to provide those pupils, who are struggling to access a mainstream classroom, the structure they need to begin to access their learning. It aims to develop their independence skills and targets areas for intervention to support pupils to achieve. The learning environment is structured and bespoke to the individual child, we also have the use of a new sensory room to develop sensory and emotional regulation.

“My child is well cared at school she loves it!”

Parent's comments

“Thanks for all the help & extra support that my child receives. It means that I know he is getting all the help he needs to progress to his potential.”

Parent's comments

“Very happy with school. Feel really assured with the help we have had from SENCO with the assessment for my child regarding possible autism and ADHD. More than happy with teachers and support staff.”

Parent's comments

“My children are very happy at school and should I ever have any concerns, the school are happy to deal with it.”

Parent's comments

“Great school with fantastic teachers.”

Parent's comments

“Any issues raised are always dealt with, absolutely no concerns brilliant school and lovely caring staff. My child learns a lot attending this school. Thank you.”

Parent's comments

“My child really enjoys attending school he tells me he loves his teachers and friends.”

Parent's comments

“Best decision I made for my children’s education was moving them to Wansbeck. The progress the children have made is amazing. Very happy mum.”

Parent's comments

“All my children have loved this school and all great memories of staff. Wansbeck is great.”

Parent's comments

“My child is always happy and loves going to school. Teachers are always there when needed.”

Parent's comments

“My children are happy at school and have many opportunities to develop their learning.”

Parent's comments

“Brilliant school.”

Parent's comments

“My two children have come on leaps and bounds regarding reading, writing and maths. The teachers are amazing.”

Parent's comments

“Really happy with the way my child has developed whilst attending Wansbeck”

Parent's comments

“Wansbeck is an amazing primary school that puts my children’s needs first. Great staff and friendly pupils.”

Parent's comments