Attendance is a key area of focus at Wansbeck Primary School.

There is a very strong correlation between children’s attendance at school and their academic achievement. Put simply the more a child attends school the better they do. We aim to support our community in ensuring children come to school every day. In supporting our children in coming to school daily we have an attendance team.

The attendance team is made up of an attendance officer and an Educational Welfare Officer from the local authority. In addition to this our emotional well-being team support families were attendance at school is below what is expected. Our engaging curriculum and vast array of opportunities also works to encourage children to want to be at school and have a thirst for learning.

Rewards System for Attendance

Class rewards

The classes are rewarded when their class has the highest overall attendance. Each week there is an attendance assembly and the classes with the highest attendance earn weekly attendance points.

At the end of term these are added up and the classes with the most attendance points get a prize. This could be a trip out of school or a party in the classroom. This is to develop a team within the classroom that support each other in encouraging each other to attend school.

Family rewards

We believe attendance is a parental responsibility. Young children cannot come to school if parents or carers don’t bring them or encourage them to attend. Due to this we reward the whole family if attendance is above 96%.

Every child whose attendance is above 96% are entered into a draw to win fantastic family prizes such as: A Christmas Hamper, vouchers for family trips such as the cinema or bowling and Asda vouchers.

What can parents and carers do to support good attendance?

  • Children can come to school with minor ailments and if you are unsure in the morning if they are well enough children can be brought to school and if they were poorly we would always send them home.

  • We understand that appointments in term time cannot always be avoided, however try and bring your child to school before and after the appointment.

  • Arrange holidays in school holiday time. As an academy trust we have placed non-contact days around half term holidays which enables families to access cheaper holidays if these dates are used.

  • Value being punctual and attending school. Children will follow you as role models. If you value these qualities your children will.

  • Talk to school staff from the emotional well-being team or attendance team as soon as you are experiencing difficulties with attendance. We are here to help.

Cause for concern

A child is classed as a persistent absentee if their attendance drops below 90%.

The Education Welfare Officer from the local authority will visit families where attendance is below 90% or there is a risk they will drop below 90%.

This will be to put a plan together to how attendance can improve.  If attendance does not improve and children are off school for a number of unauthorised absences the school will refer this for further action.

“My child is always happy and loves going to school. Teachers are always there when needed.”

Parent's comments

“Brilliant school.”

Parent's comments

“All my children have loved this school and all great memories of staff. Wansbeck is great.”

Parent's comments

“Thanks for all the help & extra support that my child receives. It means that I know he is getting all the help he needs to progress to his potential.”

Parent's comments

“My child is well cared at school she loves it!”

Parent's comments

“Great school with fantastic teachers.”

Parent's comments

“Really happy with the way my child has developed whilst attending Wansbeck”

Parent's comments

“Best decision I made for my children’s education was moving them to Wansbeck. The progress the children have made is amazing. Very happy mum.”

Parent's comments

“Very happy with school. Feel really assured with the help we have had from SENCO with the assessment for my child regarding possible autism and ADHD. More than happy with teachers and support staff.”

Parent's comments

“My two children have come on leaps and bounds regarding reading, writing and maths. The teachers are amazing.”

Parent's comments

“Any issues raised are always dealt with, absolutely no concerns brilliant school and lovely caring staff. My child learns a lot attending this school. Thank you.”

Parent's comments

“My children are very happy at school and should I ever have any concerns, the school are happy to deal with it.”

Parent's comments

“Wansbeck is an amazing primary school that puts my children’s needs first. Great staff and friendly pupils.”

Parent's comments

“My children are happy at school and have many opportunities to develop their learning.”

Parent's comments

“My child really enjoys attending school he tells me he loves his teachers and friends.”

Parent's comments